We get many practical tasks during the year that involve programming, network security and databases, says Jonathan.

Jonathan Wilsher Loewe (21) is studying for a bachelor's degree in digital forensics.

I find the study to be incredibly exciting and educational. I feel the school is academically up to date and provides good job opportunities, says Jonathan.

The bachelor's degree teaches students data security and the forensics of digital crime. After graduating in digital forensics, students can work either in police or with data security for small and large companies.

What makes digital forensic an exciting field is that it is constantly evolving. The program offers many exciting challenges and there is plenty to learn. It is a very good study program, says Jonathan.

The subject teachers organize the teaching well and it seems that they have a desire to teach to the students, which makes it even more interesting to follow the lectures.

I feel the school is academically updated and provides good job opportunities. Jonathan Wilsher Loewe

It is encouraged to perform well

Jonathan is studying at Noroff Kristiansand. The campus is located in the center of the southern village, which is experiencing exciting growth in the digital and technological sector.

I think the campus is very good. It is very good equipment and great premises, he says.

What practical tasks do you have to do on campus?

We get many practical tasks during the year that involve programming, network security and databases. To solve these, we have to familiarize ourselves with various programs that are suitable for the tasks.

The learning environment is great, and we are encouraged to perform well, he says.

The study is also available through Noroff Online Studies, where all lectures are streamed live.

I am very happy with my school choice

The huge growth in computer technology is creating real threats for both businesses and government-critical infrastructures. Most large companies that rely on information technology need people with expertise in digital exploration.

Do you have any advice for companies on how to secure themselves digitally?

Companies need to spend time training employees in data security while also making them aware of the importance of having good computer routines.

I am very happy with my school choice. Jonathan Wilsher Loewe

I chose education at Noroff based on it fit with my previous experiences. The opportunities to learn relevant things worked well at Noroff. I am very happy with my school choice and would recommend Noroff to others, he says.

Jonathan says he wants to use his expertise as a cornerstone to learn even more about digital research and information security.

What advice would you give to new students?

It is an open and nice environment at school so just ask those who have been here a year or two, if there is something you wonder. Otherwise, I would recommend new students to familiarize themselves with how a PC is designed and how the various components work.