– As a special investigator, you secure and analyse digital clues that can be a help in a criminal case, Ania (27) explains.

Ania Svendsen just finished her Bachelor's Degree in Digital Forensics.  She has now got a job as a special investigator in the Norwegian Southwestern Police District (Sør-Vest politidistrikt).

– When I started studying at Noroff, my dream job was becoming a special investigator in the police force. This was my focus during my three years studying. My first job, when finishing my education, was my dream job! I still have a lot to learn, but I am looking forward to starting my new career, Ania explains.

– What does a special investigator do?

– A special investigator secures and analyses digital clues that can be a help in a criminal case.

I am looking forward to starting my new career.Aina Svendsen

She starts her new job on the 5th of February.

– What are you most looking forward to in the new job?

– I’m looking forward to contributing by analysing evidence that will help to find the guilty party. I’m also hoping to improve and develop new solutions that can streamline the job.

– What was it like to study Bachelor in Digital Forensics?

– Digital Forensics is a very new program. Not very many knows what it means. I found it very exciting. It combined both data and investigation, which is something I like very much. I liked virtually every course we did, but I think the courses where we used tools to find information, programming and databases were the most exciting, Ania says.

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Digital forensics education

Digital Forensics: The degree is available on campus in Kristiansand, Norway and via Online Studies. Photo: Siv-Elin-Skoglund.

– Online studies work very well!

– What did you think of the professors?

– The professors are very nice and knowledgeable. If we needed help, they got back to us very fast, even in the evenings sometimes.

– Why did you choose to do the degree through online studies?

– The campus is in Kristiansand. I choose online studies, so I could study without moving away from Stavanger.

Digital Forensics is a very new program. Not very many knows what it means. Aina Svendsen

– How well would you say this method of studying works?

– Online studies work very well! I work better some days than others, so I’m getting the most out of those days. I also think that the way they test us, where we have a couple of weeks to write a paper, works much better than an exam that last only a couple of hours.

– What challenges do you face?

– To distribute the time well. There were some long nights to finish papers. Some people will find it hard not to have teachers and other students around physically, but this was not a problem for me.

– Did you connect with fellow students?

Yes, I did. We collaborated on projects and helped each other throughout the program.

The professors are very nice and knowledgeable.Aina Svendsen

– There’s a rumour we have heard that you have beaten chess champion Magnus Carlsen in chess. Is this correct?

– I haven’t beaten Magnus in regular chess, but I beat him in Bughouse chess. It’s a variant where you play two against two, with two chessboards. When your teammate loses a piece, you can choose to transfer it to your board. We did not play to much regular chess together, because he is so much better than me.

– What advice do you give new students?

– Do not wait to start on your papers or bachelor’s thesis. Time flies! Ania says.

We wish Ania the best of luck in the new job as a Special Investigator.

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