Back-end developers top the list of the most sought-after tech jobs in 2023. For 35-year-old Arafat Reshart, online studies became the perfect opportunity to update his skills.

As a back-end developer with experience in programming languages, an understanding of development phases, and familiarity with front-end languages, expertise in this field is highly in demand in the job market.

After just a few weeks into the program, I discovered that this is something for me, and I would love to work in this field, says Arafat Reshart (35).

The 35-year-old is studying back-end development at Noroff Online Studies.

He is learning to work on the future's web solutions and will soon be a sought-after back-end developer.

– I'm drawn to back-end development because of the problem-solving aspect. The satisfaction of building something that works efficiently and provides a solution to a real problem is motivating..

Flexible Education

– The study is online, providing me with a high degree of flexibility. I can learn when it suits me best, whether it's early in the morning or late at night. This flexibility also allows me to balance my studies with other commitments. In addition, online learning has enabled me to learn at my own pace, take time to delve into complex topics, and tailor the learning experience to my needs. Although it's a transition from traditional classroom teaching, I have found many benefits to this approach.

Arafat is very pleased to be an online student while residing with his family in Kristiansand.

After a day of work, and once the children are in bed, I finally have time to sit down and study, he says

Back-end development is offered as both a one-year and two-year program. You can enroll directly in the two-year program, securing a study place for two years. The program is available through online studies.

In-Demand Expertise

– Back-end development requires constant learning. New languages, libraries, and tools are constantly emerging, and staying updated is both a challenge and an opportunity for personal and professional growth

The demand for Arafat's expertise is rapidly increasing, and the job market is excellent. Back-end developers often work closely with frontend developers, product managers, data analysts, and other professionals to create a cohesive product.

– This diversity makes the job interesting and enriches my own perspective.

– When it comes to current technologies and trends, I am interested in and have experience with the latest trends and technologies. Right now, I am also learning fundamental knowledge about AI and Deep Learning since AI will undoubtedly be a significant part of software development in the future, he concludes

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