This fall, the 27-year-old started online studies in Network and IT Security: - For many years, I've wanted to try a different career path.

On October 17th, online studies began. One of those who had her first day as an online student that day was Cecilie Ausland (27). Born and raised in Sandnes, she has been working as a healthcare worker since 2015. On the home front, she has a husband, three children, and two dogs. She has considered trying a different career path for many years, and this fall she finally took the plunge and started the Network and IT Security program.

I did some Google searches, looked around a bit, and ended up in the IT world, specifically in network and IT security. I read up on the program and applied for a spot shortly after, says the fresh online student.

Steep Learning Curve

Although the program doesn't require any prerequisites, Cecilie chose to obtain three certifications beforehand.

For me, it's important to be good at structuring the study routine and planning week by week.Cecilie Ausland

– I wanted to learn more about the new world I was entering and find out if this was something I could understand and enjoy before starting. The field is entirely new to me; beyond the certifications, I have no prior experience.

Before starting the program, she had taken a certification in Cyber Security, a field she looks forward to exploring further.

I'm especially excited to delve into anything related to investigation. I also look forward to mastering programming and understanding more programming languages.

The online student is prepared for a steep learning curve that requires a lot of focus and dedication. With a well-thought-out learning plan and smart learning methods, she believes it will go smoothly.

For me, it's important to be good at structuring the study routine and planning week by week. There will probably be obstacles and difficult periods, but then it's important to continue and not give up.

Combining Online Studies with Work

Cecilie works as a night shift worker in the healthcare sector and plans to work while studying. As a mother of young children, online studies are ideal for her life situation.

Online studies are flexible and allow me to use work hours to perform a significant part of the study. It also enables me to keep my job and avoid major financial consequences. With many days off, I also have the opportunity to use the days effectively for studying while contributing to everyday life in the afternoons, she says.

Once she completes the vocational education in Network and IT Security, her goal is to pursue a bachelor's degree in Cyber Security. She is also considering entering the workforce directly after finishing.

I want to find a rewarding workplace that can offer me the challenges I need to excel in this field.

Network and IT Security is a practical IT education that teaches you how to combat hacking and cybercrime. The acute demand for IT security provides solid job opportunities after graduation. The next start date is January 9th, 2024.

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