Stine combines work, travel, and online studies: - It was definitely the flexibility that appealed most to me.

Stine Ariana Johansen (25) started dabbling in coding a few years back, back when blogging was popular. With assistance from her father, who works in the IT industry, she learned to build blog websites using HTML and CSS codes.

It's over 10 years ago and something I haven't been involved in since, but achieving something like that at a relatively young age is still something that has left an impression on me. It has always kept my interest in the field alive, and I've felt that it's an area I could excel in.

For the 25-year-old, it stopped there, and it would take a few years before she decided to turn her interest into a career. This autumn, she chose to start the Network and IT Security program through Noroff Online Studies.

Springboard for a Future Career

The interest in IT has always been there, even though it was deprioritized while Stine pursued other goals and dreams.

I focused on working and put the thought of studies on hold for a while. Now, however, I have realized the value of studying and how gaining knowledge in IT can act as a springboard for a future career. I hope the study can give me a foothold in the IT industry, and that I land a relevant job, she says.

Stine's long-term goal as an online student is to return to what she started with, namely front-end development and eventually full-stack development.

The IT industry is fantastic when it comes to appreciating interest, eagerness to learn, and curiosity about the field, not just how many years you've spent in school. I firmly believe that once you get a foot in and are eager to develop, there are no limits to what you can achieve, she says.

IT industry is fantastic when it comes to appreciating interest, eagerness to learn, and curiosity.Stine Ariana Johansen

📷: Stine combines online studies with work and travel. Photo: private..

Experiencing Mastery

Noroff was a perfect fit for Stine, as she could pursue her education online and choose from four start dates.

I am very satisfied with the study. Despite IT being at the top of the list of things I wanted to do, I had very few prerequisites before I started. I haven't been on the program for long, but I have already gained knowledge that I consider relevant.

– Perhaps the most important thing is that I have experienced mastery and felt the sense of "I can do this." This provides a lot of motivation to continue working," she continues.

Stine has spent many years in the workforce and enjoyed significant flexibility when it comes to traveling, something she wasn't ready to let go of. Online studies give her the freedom to study wherever she wants. In the two months of the program, she has been on three trips, with three more planned for this semester.

I have the opportunity to study while I'm away, so it was definitely the flexibility that appealed most to me. The study also easily combines with work, as I can get through lectures and curriculum at my own pace when it suits me, she says.

A Day in the Life of an Online Student

The online student's day starts at 07:00, with a good breakfast and a cup of coffee.

A long and stress-free morning is the key to a productive day for me. Between 8:00-12:00, I go through course material before taking a break and heading to the gym. From 14:00-18:00, I watch video lectures and work on assignments.

She continues:

By then, I have completed eight hours of school, and I can essentially take the rest of the day off. However, I sometimes continue working into the evening because I often find it so exciting that I can't put it down.

Stine believes that the key to succeeding as an online student is having self-discipline and a genuine interest in the subject you are studying.

You must have self-discipline, and you must have a genuine interest in the subject. IT is a field where you never stop learning, and you must have a desire to be part of technological advancements to be valuable and not fall behind. I believe that setting small goals for each day is one of the most important things you do. It provides a sense of achievement and helps break down the curriculum so it doesn't seem too overwhelming, she advises.

The Network and IT Security program has its next start on 9th of January, 2024.

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