The demand for AI skills is increasing: - I saw that the expertise could be applied in various industries, says Håkon.

When Håkon Engfeldt (23) started a new IT job, he realized that he had found his calling. Currently, he works in the North Sea, managing IT at BIKS, and is simultaneously pursuing a degree in Applied Machine Learning at Noroff.

- After combining the two jobs for a while, I realized that IT was truly my thing, Håkon shares.

Secured a study spot

Our teacher is very adept at finding examples from industries.Håkon Engfeldt

Starting the IT education wasn't straightforward, as Håkon lacked the necessary academic qualifications for admission. Nevertheless, he embraced the challenge.

- I reduced my offshore position and started taking exams to build the necessary foundation. It was a total of 10 exams, making the beginning of 2023 quite hectic for me, he explains.

After acquiring the required academic qualifications, he applied for the Applied Machine Learning program.

Why did you choose to study Applied Machine Learning?

The 23-year-old reflects on his choice of study and points to work experiences that showcased the diversity of industries where his skills could make a difference.

- Through work in various sectors, I saw several opportunities where machine learning could improve processes, increase accuracy, and deliver impressive results.

He had also heard positive feedback about Noroff.

- I chose to study at Noroff after receiving many good reviews from friends who were very satisfied with the teaching and expertise of the instructors.

Quality education

Håkon believes the program establishes a strong connection to the industry by using relevant examples. He emphasizes that this approach helps him understand the importance of the knowledge and provides a new perspective on standardized industries.

- Our teacher is very adept at finding examples from industries. This also helps in understanding why you actually need to know this. Not least, to view standardized industries with fresh eyes.

The quality of support from instructors and the dialogue with fellow students has not been compromised despite his online studies.

- Our Teams group is frequently used for questions and answers. If there's something we're unsure about, we can also ask the teacher via Teams, he says.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned so far?

- Data mining. In short, it is going through large amounts of data to learn new data. A commonly used example is personalized marketing.

Balancing two part-time jobs with online studies

I was just in Las Palmas and had my computer with me.Håkon Engfeldt

When Håkon had to decide on the form of study, flexibility was a significant factor in choosing online studies.

- Online studies fit better into my everyday life, allowing me the flexibility to go on offshore trips or work on land. Working twelve hours outside can make mandatory attendance a bit challenging.

Although daily life can be busy, Håkon maintains good control and motivation to combine studies with work.

- If I'm not working, the great thing about online studies is that I have the independence to manage my time, such as sleeping a bit longer in the morning. Usually, it's early wake-ups because there's a lot new and interesting in the program that is worth spending time on, or there have been some late nights if I worked earlier in the day.

He appreciates the freedom to study from wherever he wants.

- If mandatory attendance on campus is difficult or you like being able to take your studies with you wherever you go, online studies are excellent. I was just in Las Palmas and had my computer with me.

As for the future, Håkon Engfeldt has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He plans to explore opportunities in artificial intelligence and already has a group of like-minded friends with different specializations.

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