Former Noroff student went straight from online studies to working in international theft investigations.

Robyn Bailie Christiansen has always had the ability to see both details and the bigger picture when analyzing situations.

– In my previous positions, I have always had a passion for digging deep into cases to uncover root causes and unravel threads along the way. After reading the description of the Digital Investigation program on Noroff's website, I could conclude that it was right for me, both in terms of my personality and my skills, she says.

Robyn found that the Bachelor's degree in Digital Forensics gave her the knowledge and skills she needed to enter the industry.

There's a huge demand for people with a degree in both digital forensics and cyber security, she says.

Worked With International Investigations

The Digital Investigation course teaches you how to analyze situations, as well as how to handle situations where cyber security fails. You learn how to document what you do within a system, as well as how to stay calm under pressure.

There is a high demand for people with education in both digital investigation and cyber security.Robyn Bailie Christiansen

Robyn was headhunted by the company Legentic a month before graduation, where she was hired as a digital investigator.

I conducted international investigations into the theft of valuable items, ranging from rare jewelry to luxury cars.

In this role, she also helped with cyber security tasks, which gave her the experience she needed to get the position she holds today.

Robyn now works as a Product Cyber Security Specialist at Kongsberg Maritime. Here she also develops internal training materials for the company. The position means that she must continuously keep herself updated on the threat situation in the maritime industry.

– Kongsberg Maritime delivers products to a wide range of customers, from the oil and gas industry to small fisheries. "My position focuses on the cyber security of the products themselves, or operational technology, as opposed to traditional information technology, she says.

Exciting Field

Through her studies at Noroff, Robyn has developed an ability to solve complex tasks and work calmly under pressure.

I have also significantly improved my communication skills through my studies at Noroff. As an online student, it was crucial that we communicated effectively throughout the course, both to get the right help when we needed it and to build a network with our fellow students.

After her studies, Robyn also started a coding club for children in Norway. This had three times as many girls as boys participating.

This was huge for me, as I became passionate about women and girls in technology after graduating. Unfortunately, I had seen a lack of women in the field, she says.

She says that both cyber security and digital forensics are exciting fields that require you to constantly keep up to date with what's happening in the industry.

These are fields that never let you get bored. There is always a lot to do, learn and plan, she concludes.

Noroff University College offers campus studies in Kristiansand, online studies and Online PLUS. Students receive exactly the same teaching and guidance.

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