Christoffer is studying digital forensics, and has got a job as a Security Operations Center Analyst at Netsecurtiy before he has completed his studies. Netsecurity feels that the competence that the students at Noroff University College have is very important.

Christoffer Hansen Michaelsen (24) has a bachelor's degree in information technology from UIB, at the end of the degree he found out what he wanted to work on, namely digital forensics. He therefore chose to take another bachelor's degree, this time in digital forensics at Noroff University College in Kristiansand.

I searched around a bit and found out that Noroff University College had good study options in this particular field. I therefore decided to start a new bachelor's degree in digital forensics, as this was something that interested me, says Christoffer.

Encouraged to apply for a job

The education deals with cyber security and the investigation of digital crime. Christoffer says that there are many things that make digital forensics an exciting professional field.

There is always something to learn, and there is an incredible number of different things that you can work with. Christopher Hansen Michaelsen

Among other things, analysing the evidence of a case and finding out what has happened. There is always something to learn, and there is an incredible number of different things you can work with, he says.

Even before Christoffer has completed his studies, he has been offered a job as a Security Operations Center Analyst at Netsecurity. He says that Netsecurity stopped by to hold a company presentation and Capture The Flag (CTF) Challenge on campus, where they then encouraged the students to look for a job alongside their studies.

I contacted them by e-mail and expressed my interest in a job alongside my studies. I received a quick response and was allowed to come in for an interview. He sits as a first-line analyst of warnings about potential security breaches, which enter Netsecurity's monitoring system.

- My job is to analyse the warnings that come in and make an assessment as to whether there is any dangerous activity in the customers' systems, he says.

Close monitoring

Christoffer feels that the learning environment at the campus in Kristiansand is very good.

There is close follow-up from the professors, and it is well organized for learning. There is good cohesion among the students, which contributes to a good student environment.

- What has been the most interesting thing you have learned during your studies so far?

What has been most interesting so far in the study is the first subject related to digital forensics, Digital Forensic Practice and Procedures. It was the first subject where we started to learn about digital forensics and what it entails. I realized early on that this was interesting and that I wanted to learn more about it, he says.

As Netsecurity wanted students, they have arranged for Christoffer's working hours to be in the evenings. This makes it possible for him to do school early in the day, and then go to work in the evening.

It is an incredibly exciting and educational field, where you must constantly keep up to date with the latest in the computer world, concludes Christoffer.

Very important competence

We also had a chat with Herman Strømme, who is a security analyst and head of the 24/7 analysis team at Netsecurity. He says that cyber security is more important than ever. We live in a digital society, where we surround ourselves with digital tools in almost everything we do.

Malicious cyber-attacks increase every year, and the threat landscape is constantly changing. This makes it increasingly complex and demanding to protect oneself against serious threats. Many companies therefore need help preventing and detecting an attack, but also handling and restoring normal operations when the accident is over, he says.

The students on digital forensics offer a unique competence that Netsecurity needs. Herman Strømme

Every year, Netsecurity has students who work part-time, have an internship or are with them as part of their bachelor's thesis.

The students on digital forensics offer a unique competence that Netsecurity needs. At the same time, we know that many students want to gain work experience during their studies. Students who work with us say that they feel that we have a good working environment with helpful and competent colleagues. They also feel that they get professional benefits from being here and the opportunity for further careers in the company, says Herman.

He says that collaborating with Noroff University College is very important for Netsecurity, both in terms of recruiting students, but also in terms of professional replenishment. 

We organize CTF’s locally on campus, both in Oslo and Kristiansand, and also have close collaboration on various events. This collaboration helps both Netsecurity and Noroff University College with exposure in the IT industry.

What is the need for the competence that the students in digital forensics have?

The expertise that the students bring to Netsecurity is very important. We have an employee who comes from digital forensics, he has until now worked with analysis, but is now moving to our Incident Response team. The students get started very quickly after relatively short training, which contributes to a more efficient onboarding process. The students are also often employed full-time after completing their studies, and then the opportunities for other directions within the company are great, he concludes.

The study in digital forensics is offered on campus Kristiansand , via online studies or  Online PLUS . By choosing a bachelor's degree at Noroff University College, you get an attractive course of study, developed in collaboration with the business world.