The 22-year-old is taking a bachelor's degree in Cyber ​​Security at Noroff University College in Kristiansand, and has already got a job as a SOC Analyst at the company Netsecurity.

The work I do is incredibly exciting. I sit in the front line and analyze potential threats. This is done to assess whether the incoming activity is a threat to the customer. My tasks are mainly to check potential threats and then report back to the customer, says Emilie.

The Bachelor in Cyber ​​Security is an IT education that teaches you how to secure digital systems against cyber-attacks, computer crime and digital warfare. The course prepares you to work practically with Cyber security and help to reduce a company’s digital vulnerability.

The job is absolutely fantastic

It was when Emilie Alexandra Hille Dyrnes Hagen (22) was at a conference sponsored by Noroff that she came into contact with the IT security company Netsecurity.

I have great colleagues who are helpful if needed, who create a good mood and create a good work culture. Emilie Alexandra

While I was at the conference with some friends, we happened to sit at a table with some employees from Netsecurity. We started talking about our bachelor's project, and whether they might be interested in helping us, she says.

Emilie was told to send an e-mail with more information about the project. This resulted in her not only being given the opportunity to write a bachelor's thesis in conjunction with the company, she was also encouraged to submit a job application; which led to a job interview and then a job offer for the 22-year-old.

The job is absolutely fantastic, says Emilie.

 As a part-time employee at Netsecurity, I am part of a 24-7 team. This means that I work either 00-08, 08-16:00 or 16:00-24:00. The time of day makes a difference in workload, as you have a lot more to do during the day, which also means that there is a lot more to learn during the day.

She says that in the evening it is often quiet, so they can spend a little longer analyzing potential threats. If there is little to do, she is encouraged to keep up with school work.

I have great colleagues who are helpful if needed, who create a good mood and form a good work culture.

Directly relevant to working life

Emilie finds that the subject teachers at Noroff are good at explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand way. One of the things she particularly likes about the learning environment is that what she learns is practical for working life, rather than just theory.

There are so many fields within Cyber ​​Security, so everyone has the opportunity to find joy in their studies. Emilie Alexandra

At Noroff you get a lot of technical expertise that is directly relevant to working life. Cyber ​​Security is an extremely exciting course of study, not only because the career in this field is in high demand, but also because it is an interesting and challenging one. There are so many fields within Cyber ​​Security, so everyone has the opportunity to find joy in their studies.

She says that the first years of the bachelor's degree were easy to balance with work, but that this past year she has noticed that it has been a little more challenging. She is still motivated to combine work and studies a little more, after all, she will soon finish her bachelor's degree. 

 I absolutely recommend studying Cyber ​​Security. The subject area is incredibly exciting, and what you learn is industry-relevant, she concludes. The study in Cyber ​​Security is offered on campus Kristiansand , via online studies or  Online PLUS . By choosing a bachelor's degree at Noroff, you get an attractive course of study, developed in collaboration with the business world.

You can read more about the programme here.