Mr. Tom Drange has had a paper accepted to the Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction (IHCI) 2014

I'm very excited and pleased to be able to combine my two main interests in research - online learning and computer systems security, and I consider myself fortunate to work in the research team at Noroff University College, which really focuses on important research, resulting in direct benefits for our students.Tom Drange, Noroff University College lecturer

The conference is in Portugal on 15-17 July 2014.

The paper is entitled "The online generation gap, the Millennial student and Generation X Lecturer." It examines some of the issues arising from the generation gap between students and staff and the different experience and familiarity with Internet technology. In particular it examines the way in which the technology usage impacts on the learning process. This paper represents another strand in Tom's research into online educational systems with previous work looking at accessibility to online educational material for disabled students.

Another strand of research is exploring potential assessment strategies for online teaching will be published later in the year.