As Corona gripped the world, Noroff students and teachers took part in an initiative to help the situation.

On March 27th 2020 Noroff first year front-end students and teachers took part the Hack the Crisis Norway hackathon.

It was a competition to see who could come up with an innovative idea to alleviate the corona virus effects on the world

While we did not win the competition, it was an excellent learning experience, we succeeded in designing and building a fully functioning single page web application built in JavaScript using the React.js Framework.

The Team

Cameron Moodley - Front-end Program lead
Mannuel Ferreira - Front-end teacher
Kinglsey Garrison - Front-end teacher
Sam Emami - Student
Bartlomiej Telec - Student
Jonmar Tamon – Student

The Team came up with an idea for an app that would encourage physical activities indoors. The application has a gamified and social collaboration aspect to it.

It encourages users to do any number of pushups and prove it to their friends by sharing a video. Not limited to pushups any fun activity that can be completed in doors.

The project was designed, built and managed using open-source technologies that we teach as part of the Front-End course.

We used Figma to design the mobile experience. We use GitHub to manage the source code and work remotely We used react.js to build a single page Front-end application We used strapi on the server side. We used Mongo DB as a datastore to save user and application data.

Learn by doing

At Noroff we not only work with you during campus times during guidance session, we also look out for opportunities to push ourselves. We believe we learn more by doing, we are always on the lookout to compete in public Hackathons such as Hack the Crisis Norway.

All code is open source and can be viewed and forked here