Noroff Higher Vocational College has established itself as a leading institution in design studies, offering three distinct directions: UI design, UX design, and graphic design.

These study directions share a common foundation in the field of design, but there are also important differences that make each direction unique and appealing to various interests and career ambitions.

What Are the Differences?

The studies differ primarily in their main focus and the associated career opportunities.

UX design, or User Experience Design, focuses on improving the overall user experience with digital products. This often includes websites, apps, software, or other interactive systems. The goal is to enhance user satisfaction by making the product more user-friendly, accessible, and engaging. The education opens doors to various job opportunities, such as UX designer, interaction designer, and consultant.

UI design, or User Interface Design, aims at the visual design of digital user interfaces. User interfaces are the point where people interact with a computer, program, or device. UI includes all visual and interactive elements, such as buttons, forms, icons, and menus, allowing users to communicate with the system. Potential career paths after completing the education include UI designer, product designer, and visual designer.

Graphic designis a hands-on field of study centred on creative and strategic visual communication. It teaches you to combine images, text, and graphics to share information in an impactful way. The aim is to turn ideas into compelling designs that grab attention and deliver a message clearly.

Who Should Study What?

The program leaders of the three study programs have provided descriptions of who they believe would fit well into the different study directions.

Libre van den Bergh talks about graphic design:

- The ideal candidate for studying graphic design is a creative, tech-savvy individual with a passion for visual storytelling and communication. If you think in pictures, enjoy solving problems, and have always wanted to do something creative for a career, this course is for you, she says.

She continues:

- We often hear students say "I have always dreamt of doing something creative for a career" or "I have been dabbling in creative things since I was young".

Regarding UX design, Candice Kruger talks about who would thrive in the study.

- You should be able to empathise with others, be curious and enjoy solving problems, have a keen interest in technology and design, enjoy taking on challenges, and most importantly, be an effective collaborator and communicator.

Finally, Marna Haskins talks about who fits well into UI design.

- It's perfect for those who love the blend of design and technology and want to create interfaces that look good and work well for everyone.

📷: From left: Libre van den Bergh, Candice Kruger, and Marna Haskins. Photo: private.

What should you choose?

For prospective students, it is crucial to carefully consider their own interests and career goals. Whether one wants to shape the digital experience as a UX designer, create visually appealing interfaces as a UI designer, or explore the creative world of visual communication as a graphic designer, Noroff Higher Vocational College offers a wide range of possibilities. Regardless of the chosen study, it will lead to a journey towards specialization and a platform for a successful career in the field of design.

UI design and UX design are offered as one-year studies, while graphic design is a two-year program. All three study directions are available as online studies, while UX design and graphic design can also be taken on campus. UX design is available on campus in Oslo, and graphic design in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, and Stavanger.

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