- After studying technical design, I'm 100% sure that I want to work in this industry, says the 24-year-old.

Maria Øvertungset (24) has studied Technical Design – Architectural through Noroff Online Studies. The education is practical and for those who want to work technologically and creatively with architecture and modeling.

I chose this program to explore a more creative education in the field I'm most interested in; architecture and interior design, she explains.

Good Connection to the Industry

Architectural Technical Design is an exciting program where students gain expertise in modeling houses and commercial buildings, as well as in constructing complete building drawings.

Studying technical design was informative and fun. Maria Øvertungset

Studying technical design was educational and fun. You get knowledge about a lot of different things and get real experience working with the software. The course was quite intensive and required a genuine effort to get the most out of your studies, says Maria.

The former Noroff student highlights visualization in Revit and Enscape as the most inspiring and interesting things she learned during her studies.

The program has a good connection to the industry, and you use relevant software. It is also possible to take the exam in collaboration with a real company in the industry.

She continues:

The follow-up from the teachers was very good. We received feedback on every assignment and report, which made it easy and clear. The teachers were also easily accessible and gave us the opportunity to ask questions.

See photos of Maria's student work:


Valuable learning experience to be an Online Student

The technical design study program is available through online studies and has four start dates throughout the year. Maria describes her experience as an online student as a valuable learning experience.

The online studies were so well-organized by Noroff that I had no problem finding out what the next assignment or the week's syllabus was.

The online studies were so well-organized by Noroff. Maria Øvertungset

Maria says that studying online requires a degree of self-discipline, but she believes that gaining experience with independent work is beneficial when you entering the workforce.

You become extremely independent by studying online, which I think is a strength in the industry. My best advice for success in online studies is to be a little strict with yourself, maintain structure, and complete as many assignments as possible, even if they are not mandatory.

She dreams of using the skills from her technical design studies to start her own business.

After studying technical design, I'm 100% sure that I want to work in this industry, concludes the 24-year-old.

After completing the Technical Design – Architectural, many students are ready for work. Those seeking additional skills in areas such as project management, construction processes, and concept modeling can apply directly to the second year of the two-year Technical Design - BIM program.

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