Siblings Nanette and Scott Sørenbye are both studying Graphic Design and have impressed with their project work for real clients.

– I've always wanted to study something that allows me to work creatively and diversely, and when I discovered graphic design, the choice suddenly became very easy. It was my little brother Scott who encouraged me to actually apply with him, smiles Nanette.

Siblings Nanette Sørenbye (29) and Scott Sørenbye (23) are both in their second year of studying Gaphic Design at Noroff campus in Oslo.

– Studying graphic design is a lot of fun; there's so much more to it than people think, whether it's photography, logo design, web design, and so on, says Scott.

Student work, made by Scott. Photo: Screenshot

Insight into the Industry Through Project Work

Nanette and Scott, along with the rest of the graphic design class, recently had a project assignment in the subject Photo 03 for the skincare brand Dr. Ankerstjerne.

– The task was to produce advertisements for Dr. Ankerstjerne for Christmas and a GIF with one of the themes. The process was exciting and challenging at the same time. We had two weeks to come up with a good idea, take pictures, edit, and pitch our work to the client, says Scott.

He continues:

– We had one of the owners of Dr. Ankerstjerne visit to explain what they were looking for and answer any questions we had. Working with a real client is entirely different from a fictional one.

As a student at Noroff, you are challenged with real, practical, and relevant tasks. This provides a good insight into what life is like in the industry and what issues students can expect to work on as graphic designers.

– It was a very nice process where we received good information about the client, excellent training in photography, and, as always, close and good follow-up from the teacher. We are fortunate to have our own photo studio on campus, so there were many hours spent testing different setups - creative chaos, just the way I like it! And, as always, with Scott as a supporter, says Nanette.

Student work, made by Nanette. Photo: Screenshot

Extra special when your work is a success

– The project for Dr. Ankerstjerne has been incredibly enjoyable. It's so exciting to work with real clients and get an insight into what it's really like to work in this industry. In a project like this where we are supposed to convey the identity and values of an already well-established brand, it's, of course, extra special when your work is a success. It doesn't happen every time. It has truly been a pleasure to work with Dr. Ankerstjerne, says Nanette.

It's really exciting to work with real clients and get an insight into what it's actually like to work in this industry. Nanette Aleksandria Sørenbye

– During our studies, we've learned that it's important for us to take pride in what we deliver. Although there are always things to improve, I must say I feel a bit proud of this result. The fact that the ads will actually be used in real campaigns is, of course, very exciting, continues the 29-year-old.

– I'm also incredibly satisfied with the end result and feel I captured the look Dr. Ankerstjerne was after, says Scott.

According to the client, Stine Ankerstjerne, the results have been impressive:

– We have used several of the ads from the students in our marketing with great success. As an entrepreneur, it was very rewarding to collaborate with Noroff students. It was fun to hear about considerations and the process behind the finished image ads. Many had managed to capture our tone of voice spot on and presented high-quality image ads. We are very satisfied with the result, she concludes.

The Graphic Design program is available on campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Kristiansand, as well as through online studies.

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