Noroff University College hosted clay sculpting workshop led by lecturer Cristina Dumitru.

The workshop took place at Noroff's campus in Kristiansand on April 26th.

During this workshop the students learnt how to transform basic geometric forms into realistic-looking sculptures. Clay sculpting is shaped around tools and techniques that explores both the creativity and the innovation side of designing characters for films, games or television.

- Regardless of the design of a character, a realistic human, a fantasy creature or a cartoon character, we use sculpting as a common ground between drawing, sculpture and 3d modelling where you need to comprehend elements as volume, mass and depth, in order to create believable characters that can be animated in a future process, says Cristina Dumitru, lecturer at Noroff University College.

The type of clay used is Chavant Clay Plasteline, a professional sculpting clay which is commonly used by artists for the creation of sculptures. The product line consists of clays that contain higher percentage of wax components making the clays have good adhesive qualities, flexibility and length.

Pictures from the workshop