Jenny Cornelia is studying 3D design and game technology online, and is enjoying the creative outlet the course gives her.

At the age of 19, Jenny Cornelia Nyborg (29) became chronically ill with ME, and for several years she was so poorly that she could only manage to write one sentence a day. When she got better, she bought a drawing board and started doing digital drawing and photography. Her creativity flourished, and three years ago her illness suddenly turned around. After eight years of illness, it was like coming back to life.

– I felt incredibly motivated and was so ready to take on anything. Education was quickly brought up, but when a career had seemed so far away for many years, it was hard to know what I really wanted to be when the limitations disappeared, she says.

As she had found so much joy in creativity in recent years, she realized that she wanted a creative profession. That's when she found Noroff.

– I wanted to do thorough research and explore the possibilities of education to make sure it felt right. 3D design and game technology caught my attention, so I did some searches and everything I found out made me very excited! Before I applied, I decided to test out 3D software to see if I liked it, and I was hooked. Just ask my partner, she smiles.

– Noroff offers incredibly good solutions

It's great to hear about what their daily work life looks like, and what we can expect when we enter the workforce.Jenny Cornelia Nyborg

Jenny Cornelia wasn't initially sure whether online studies were for her. She is well established with a house, partner and dogs in the countryside and didn't want to move to study.  

– I was very unsure whether online studies were 'good enough', but it didn't take long for me to realize that Noroff has incredibly good solutions for online students. All my prejudices disappeared, and all the positive things were only reinforced once I had started my studies, she says.

She studies part-time, but says that she spends a lot of time on her studies - precisely because she finds it so much fun.

– The course is very practical, and we learn how to apply our new knowledge to the field. The material is so much fun, and seeing that you get better and better is incredibly motivating. Maybe that's what's so nice when you really find your thing, she says./p>

Learning about what the industry needs

Jenny Cornelia started her studies in October 2021, and already feels that she has learned a lot of interesting and useful things.

– The most important thing has probably been learning about what the industry needs and how they want you to work with 3D. Here we learn the framework and industry standards from day one, which is useful for both us and our employer in the future, she says.

The class has had several guest lectures with representatives from different companies, which gives a good insight into how they work and what it's like at their workplace.

– It's great to hear about what their daily work life is like and what we can expect when we enter the workforce. It also strikes me how many different things you can do with 3D when I hear people talk about their jobs, says Jenny Cornelia.

She still hasn't figured out what her dream job is, but she hopes to combine storytelling with 3D to be able to write stories and visualize them.

– The most important thing for me is to do something I enjoy in my day-to-day life, and to be part of a good work environment and a team where we support each other, she concludes.

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