My passion for games has grown even more in recent years, thanks to the constantly evolving technology and the countless opportunities that exist in this field," says Katarina Arntsen (25).

I've had an interest in games since I was little. I remember my brother and I practically running home from elementary school to play. We dropped our bikes and turned on the PlayStation 2 to play Lego Star Wars," Katarina reminisces with a laugh.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Games from Noroff Kristiansand and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Video Game Art at Universal Art School in Spain.

When I started my studies at Noroff, I had no experience in 3D or game development. However, with a lot of help from my teachers, I was able to create card games, board games, and even a complete horror game as my bachelor's project, Katarina proudly explains.

She continues, "I've learned so much that it's hard to put into words. Everything from game development, sound design, lighting design, modeling, sculpting, texturing, level design, coding, and the art of collaborating effectively with others.

What I enjoy the most in game development is 3D modeling and texturing. The ability to create something that can be viewed from different angles is incredibly exciting. Texturing, I think, holds a special place for me. It brings the 3D model to life, like painting in 3D, where I can manipulate it as I please, she says passionately.

Through the bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Games, students acquire the diverse skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.

Specializing in 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting

Today, she is pursuing a master's degree in Video Game Art at Universal Art School in Spain while residing at home due to uncertainties surrounding Covid when she began her studies.

I am now specializing in the visual aspects of games, specifically 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting. I am currently working on the final part of my master's thesis, where I will be creating a DLC (Downloadable Content).

Downloadable Content means that anyone can create a sort of sequel to a game or something that complements a game, which can be downloaded by players who are interested in 'more.'

The game I chose to create DLC for is called 'Bloodborne,' which I know many players have been eagerly anticipating a sequel for.

Where do you hope to go from here?

After completing my master's, I plan to venture into the game industry. I have applied for various jobs and am eagerly awaiting responses. There have also been some job offers that I politely declined. I don't have a specific preference for working in Norway or abroad, but I imagine that I'll end up outside Norway considering the industry is much larger there, she concludes.

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