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- The support from the teachers is clearly the best thing about studying at Noroff, says Cecilie.

- I found that the combination of digital marketing and graphic design is very much in demand on the job market, says the 22-year-old.

- A typical study day involves working at home in the villa by the pool or going to a café to study with a nice, cooling iced coffee, says the 27-year-old.

Technical design is a popular field of study that offers many opportunities for the future. Noroff Vocational School offers three different courses of study where you can specialise in architectural technical design, mechanical technical design, or building information modelling.

Choosing an education path is for many the biggest and most challenging decision in life so far. We have gathered some tips to help you choose the right study program for you.

In the field of data analysis, machine learning and technology, Noroff Higher Vocational College offers two exciting vocational education programmes: Data Analyst and Applied Machine Learning.

Noroff University College offers a range of computing programmes tailored to different career aspirations within the ever-evolving technology landscape.

The study program aims to educate experts in understanding, designing, and delivering services that meet customer needs and expectations.

- Digital product management is crucial at a time when digital products and services are playing an increasingly important role in the business world, says the program leader.

Norway's second largest city, Bergen, has a lot to offer with its rich cultural life and historic charm. The city is known for its charming wooden houses and cosy alleys.

Kristiansand has maintained its position as one of Norway's best student cities over the years, and it's not without reason. The city in Southern Norway has much to offer students, from beautiful natural areas to a vibrant cultural scene and good job opportunities.

Oslo, the capital of Norway, serves as a vibrant student hub with endless opportunities. The city life elegantly combined with the beautiful nature just around the corner or only a short tram ride away.

The city has Norway's most vibrant café and nightlife, and you're guaranteed to feel at home here in your first week.