Latest News from Noroff

Here you will find updated information about the corona situation at Noroff.

As Corona gripped the world, Noroff students and teachers took part in an initiative to help the situation.

Wondering what it's like to study front-end development at Noroff? Get the answers here.

The 33-year-old recently represented Noroff in international competition, and secured the first prize and $ 3,000. - It was completely surreal, she says.

Thomas, Espen and Francois managed to solve all the security challenges, making them one of the top teams among 162 international teams.

Finally, it's time to announce this year's "Honorary Student" at Noroff Oslo. The award goes to a student who has really been engaged during his studies.

The largest higher education group in Europe, Galileo Global Education, has joined as an owner of Noroff, with the intent to further support and develop Noroff.

Noroff stops all activity on campuses from Thursday 12 March. Students are not to come to campus for class. Online teaching will be operational within 24 hours.

Noroff follows the situation closely, and is prepared to take further precautions if needed.

Mathematics, statistical analysis with software development, computer science with artificial intelligence and data storage with data visualization and manipulation: This is voted the best job across all industries.

- The use of data drives the success of many of the largest technology companies such as Facebook, Google and Netflix, says Associate Professor at Noroff, Isah.

A special investigator secures and analyzes digital traces that can help in a criminal case, says Aina (27).

We get many practical tasks during the year that involve programming, network security and databases, says Jonathan.