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What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is saved on your computer, tablet or mobile device when you visit a website. It is easy to stop the use of cookies if you do not want to save them on your device. This is explained in detail on this page.

Cookies are used by most websites and can help to improve the user experience for each individual visitor. For example, a cookie will remember what language you chose last time you visited the website. Cookies will also help us analyse how the website is used, so we can improve it. The technology also helps us with user target marketing.

What kind of cookies do we use?

First party-cookies direct form

This website uses cookies to remember choices made by the users on the website. One example here, is what language you have chosen. This type of cookies does not collect information that can identify you.

Google Analytics

Noroff uses Google Analytics to analyse the use of the website. Google Analytics is an analytic service delivered by Google, Inc. This service collects detailed information on how you use the website. This can be pages you visit, how long you visit them, where you are, what websites you are referred from, and if whether or not you choose to apply for any of our educational programs. The information is transferred and saved on Google's servers in The USA. We are also using Google Data Studio to export data from Google Analytics for data visualization, reporting and analytical purposes. You can deactivate cookies from Google Analytics by following this link:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a platform for online advertising. Noroff uses AdWords to promote text ads in the Google search engine, banner ads in Google Display Network and video ads on YouTube. If, for example you have done a Google search, or watched a video on YouTube, you may get targeted advertisement from Noroff based on this. Our Google Analytics account is connected to our Google AdWords account and information is shared across the accounts.

Google Search Console

Search Console tells us how users find the website through Google search. Our Google Search Console account sends data to our Google Analytics account and our Google Data Studio account.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a service form Google that lets us place scripts on the website. This is implemented across the whole site, and is a user friendly way for us to place cookies on the site. We do not use this tool to place other cookies on the site than the ones who are described on this page.

Tracking in social media

We have placed Facebook's tracking pixel on We use this to analyse user behaviour, create target audiences, and to be able to give users customized and targeted advertisement. The information is collected though the tracking pixel and is sent to Facebook Inc. This means that after having visited, you may get targeted advertising from us on Facebook (which also includes Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook's partner networks). We also use this tracking method as a tool to see which of our sponsored Facebook posts have contributed to a person applying for our programs after having seen the ads. If you are using a web browser where you have never logged into, or are never going to log into – or have turned off cookies, Facebook will not receive any identifying information while you are visiting Please note that you may still be subject to targeted advertisement from us on Facebook based on other parameters, eg. gender, age, interests, etc.

We are also using similar tracking tools for Snapchat, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our social media accounts send unidentifiable data to Supermetrics, which again is connected to our Google Data Studio account.

Pardot Marketing Automation System

Noroff uses Pardot, which is a specialist software program for the collection and evaluation of the use of a website by visitors to the website. When you visit our website, Pardot logs your click path, on the basis of which it creates an individual user profile with the use of a pseudonym. Pardot also recognizes the terms that the user previously entered in search engines to reach our website. Pardot allows Noroff to analyse customers’ reactions to emails that they receive from Noroff. For these purposes, cookies are placed which allow for the recognition of your browser.

By using our website, you also declare your agreement to the use of cookies by Pardot. You can withdraw your consent at any time with future effect. To do this, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also deactivate the creation of pseudonymised user profiles at any time by configuring your web browser so that cookies from the domain are not accepted. This can lead to certain restrictions of the functions and the user friendliness of our offering.

Further information on the purpose and scope of the data collection and its processing by Pardot MAS is available in the privacy policy of Pardot. There, you will also find further information about your rights and settings options for the protection of your private sphere:

Cookies from partners

Some of our advertising partners may, in relation to ongoing campaigns, get the opportunity to place scripts for tracking campaigns, and offer targeted advertisement through retargeting visitors from the website. These advertisements may then appear on our partners' websites, or advertisement networks where our partners are able to advertise. Eg, if Schibsted are running an advertisement campaign on our behalf, you may get advertisement from us on Schibsted's sites, or in their advertisement networks. If you have turned off cookies, no identifying information will be sent to these partners.


We use Google Analytics and Google AdWords to generate target audiences to provide targeted marketing to users, based on their visit at This means that if you have visited one special area of our website, you may later get ads from Noroff in Google's advertisement networks based on your visit. If you for example have visited the page for Sound and Music Production, you may se ads for this study program in Googles advertisement networks for a period of time.

You can stop retargeting via Google Analytics and google AdWords by deleting cookies. You can also control your ad settings here:

Please be aware that even though you are actively trying to stop retargeting – you may still receive targeted marketing from Noroff based on other parameters. This can for example be your search history from Google or if you are located in a specific geographic location that is visible to Google.

By using tracking pixels in social media, as described above, we will also be able to reach you with targeted marketing in social media, based on your user behaviour on

How to avoid cookies

If you want to avoid the use of cookies, you can change the settings in your web browser to not accept cookies automatically. Check the web browsers website for these settings. Be aware that when you choose to avoid cookies, some parts of will not work.

How to remove cookies

Cookies can be deleted easily. If you use a Windows computer with a modern web browser; you can delete your cookies by using the quick key combination: CRTL + SHIFT + DEL. If the quick key combination does not work in your web browser, or you use Mac or a mobile device; first identify your web browser, then click the correct link below, and follow the instructions. Remember when you delete cookies in one web browser, does not necessarily influence the other browsers you have. is owned and managed by Noroff Education AS, Elvegata 2A 4608 Kristiansand, Norway.

Updated: 23. January 2020