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Vocational teacher, VFX - Visual Effects
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Miscellaneous Information:

Wicus Labuschagne is a visual effects supervisor, producer and freelance comp artist and has accumulated many exciting experiences in a relatively short space of time. He graduated with honours from the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performances, AFDA, with a Master of Arts in Fine Arts and got his start as VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer on the South African feature film “Die Windpomp” in 2014. Wicus has joined Inspired Minority VFX and works primarily as a post-production producer and supervisor. 

Wicus loves to train and mentor new talent and incorporates this into his role as a lecturer. His role within Noroff includes running the VFX online course, complete with the development of lessons and assignments as well as scoring and tutoring students through the internet. In addition to this, he is currently working as the Overall VFX Supervisor on the new HBO series “Warrior”. He considers the highlight of his career, thus far, his nomination for a Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode for work done on "Roots".