Noroff Accelerate – Meet the team

Our lecturers are the true rockstars of Accelerate. Not only is their education second to none, the group is ambitious, curious and really cares for educating others. They are ready to help you accelerate your career.

Dean von Schoultz – Lecturer

Dean has Bachelor's degree in software development using predominantly C#, Java and JavaScript. He had around six years experience lecturing various programming subjects including Microsoft Certifications 70-480 and 70-483 before joining Accelerate in 2019. Currently he is pursuing a PhD attempting to formalize personal informatics into higher education institutions by leveraging the institutions' network structures and onboarding procedures.

Sean Skinner – Lecturer

Sean is an experienced full-stack developer teaching extensive full-stack courses to provide rapid up-skill to developers. He obtained his qualification at the Nelson Mandela University and has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in South Africa. He lectures the full-stack offerings for Accelerate, with a focus on .NET, Java, and JavaScript technologies.

Nicholas Lennox – Lecturer

Nicholas has been with Accelerate since January 2020. He lectures both .NET and Java backend courses primarily. He has industry experience as a Full-stack developer using Angular and .NET. He has a Bachelor´s degree in Information Technology with a focus on software development and a Master´s degree in image processing with machine learning.

Kaamilah von Schoultz – Test center administrator

Kaamilah is a Pearson VUE-certified test administrator currently running and proctoring Pearson exams based in Bergen. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, as well as a Master of Science in Mathematical Statistics.

Craig Marais - Program Manager

Craig has taught many of Accelerate's courses and now has a managerial position and he works to align new offerings with partner needs. He started his education in traditional software development, but by the time he finished his Master's degree he had transitioned into the realm of Agile development, mobile technologies and game development. Now he is pursuing a PhD in data science

Jean-Clive Bailey – Lecturer/content developer

Jean-Clive enjoys researching modern solutions to problems using smartphones, computer vision, and a bit of lateral thinking. He has a Bachelor of science in Computer Science, and has interests in augmented reality, rapid prototyping, and data privacy. He is experienced in a myriad of programming languages, with specialization in Python and JavaScript.

Ronald George Leppan - Content Manager

Ronald has 20 years of experience teaching several courses in the field of IT and computer science. In 2019, he obtained a PhD that contributed a model for using learners' online behavior to inform differentiated instructional design choices in a learning management system. His focus is the continual improvement of the learner experience at Noroff Accelerate.

Dewald Els – Lecturer

Dewald is a Oslo based Front-end teacher that comes from industry with 10 years working experience. He mainly focusses on full-stack development using JavaScript technologies. He obtained his qualification at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa majoring in Microsoft Technologies focusing on C# and SQL Serve. Dewald is proficient in modern JavaScript, focusing on libraries like Vue, React and Angular.

Melene Potgieter - Test center administrator

Melene has been with Accelerate since August 2020. She is a certified Pearson Select Proctor and manages the Oslo testing center with Ilge Castelyn.

Ilge Castelyn - Test center administrator

Ilge is a certified proctor at Pearson and manages the Oslo testing center with Melene Potgieter. She has been with Accelerate since December 2020.

Ann-Elin Bjørnsen – Senior advisor

Ann-Elin is passionate about providing Noroff students with the best service. She has been with Noroff for ten years, offering guidance for students and managing student enrolment. She will manage the new Person Vue test center in Stavanger.