Noroff Accelerate – Meet the team

Our lecturers are the true rockstars of Accelerate. Not only is their education second to none, the group is ambitious, curious and really cares for educating others. They can help boost your career, and close the skills gap in your company




Sean Skinner – Subject-matter expert Development

Sean is an experienced full-stack developer teaching extensive full-stack courses to provide rapid up-skill to developers. He obtained his qualification at the Nelson Mandela University and has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in South Africa. He lectures the full-stack offerings for Accelerate, with a focus on .NET, Java, and JavaScript technologies.


Nicholas Lennox – Subject-matter expert Development

Nicholas has been with Accelerate since January 2020. He lectures both .NET and Java backend courses primarily. He has industry experience as a Full-stack developer using Angular and .NET. He has a Bachelor´s degree in Information Technology with a focus on software development and a Master´s degree in image processing with machine learning.

Jean-Clive Bailey – Subject-matter expert Data & AI

Jean-Clive enjoys researching modern solutions to problems using smartphones, computer vision, and a bit of lateral thinking. He has a Bachelor of science in Computer Science, and has interests in augmented reality, rapid prototyping, and data privacy. He is experienced in a myriad of programming languages, with specialization in Python and JavaScript.

Dean von Schoultz – Subject-matter expert Development

Dean has Bachelor's degree in software development using predominantly C#, Java and JavaScript. In addition, he has a PhD in Information Technology from Nelson Mandela University. He had around six years experience lecturing various programming subjects including Microsoft Certifications 70-480 and 70-483 before joining Accelerate in 2019.

Livinus Nweke - Subject-matter expert Cyber Security

Livinus is passionate about research and teaching. He has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Information Security and Communication Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and a Master's in Computer Science from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Livinus has broad industry experience within information security and communication technology. His research interests include infrastructure security, privacy and data protection, and information security. He has published several peer-reviewed articles in these areas.

Mujahid Tabassum - Subject Matter Expert: Networks and Cyber Security

Mujahid has completed an MSc Computer System Engineering (Specialization in Computer Network) degree from Halmstad University, Sweden, and a bachelor’s degree from Wollongong, Australia. He has 13 years of teaching experience from various international Universities. His research interests include Computer Networks, AI, Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Security, and Applications. He has published several conference papers, journals, and book chapters, and is a guest editor of several reputed journals.

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Warren West - Subject Matter Expert Programming

Warren joined the Accelerate team in 2022. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (Software Development) from Nelson Mandela University. His background is in the automotive industry, working with automation and vehicle diagnostic software. Warren lectures .NET and JavaScript in Accelerate's full-stack bootcamps..

Dr. Saju Mohanan - Subject Matter Expert Programming

Saju Mohanan is a Subject Matter Expert in Programming, as well as a researcher with 15 years of experience from various universities globally. He holds a Master's degree and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering. His area of interest and expertise includes cloud computing technologies and full stack programming. He has published many scientific research publications in reputed Scopus indexed Journals. He has great experience in organizing research events and has successfully organized many international conferences in the computer science and Industry Revolution 4.0.

Reza Mirzaei - Subject Matter Expert Programming and Cloud

Reza has a Master's degree in IT from NTNU and has extensive experience in Agile system development (DevSecOps), technical architecture, and implementation of web applications and cloud services within finance and academia. He also has experience as a leader at various levels. Reza joined the Accelerate team in January 2023, with a particular focus on cloud technology.




Ann-Elin Bjørnsen – Administration Manager

Ann-Elin is the Administration Manager at Accelerate, where she oversees daily operations and project activities. With extensive experience in academic counseling and student admissions at Noroff Vocational School, she now collaborates closely with the sales and success teams to ensure excellent customer experiences.

Erlend Koppen Skar - Head of Accelerate

Erlend has vast experience from finance, where he worked with financial advising, management and business development. He also has broad experience in project management and digitalization.

Martin Diver - Head of Revenue and Sales

Martin is a passionate, customer-focused Management and Sales Professional with 15+ years of experience. He has a consistent history of business development and revenue growth across multiple industries and global markets.

Claudette Leppan - Portfolio manager

Claudette holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies and has worked in the education sector since 2009. Her experience includes coordinating and teaching classroom-based and remote learning programs in Hong Kong, South Africa, and Norway. Her role in Accelerate is to create educational offerings in response to industry needs, in collaboration with subject-matter experts.

Yoland Irwin - Operations Manager

Yoland is an experienced academic teaching Pharmacy Practice as well as working with curriculum development, audits with national bodies, university committees and the faculty board. She obtained her Master of Science in Pharmacy from Rhodes University in South Africa. Yoland has been with Noroff since 2020, first as a Data Protection Officer and now as Operations Manager, where she makes sure that all Accelerate operations run smoothly.

Melene Potgieter - Test center administrator

Melene has been with Accelerate since August 2020. She is a certified Pearson Select Proctor and manages the Oslo testing center with Ilge Castelyn.

Jacoba (Donnie) van der Westhuizen - Test center Administrator

Donnie is the Pearson Vue test center administrator for Kristiansand, where she does the administration for candidates taking Pearson and Certiport certifications. She is a proficient Administrator with ten-plus years of office experience, specializing in administrative work, problem-solving, planning, and optimal assistance.

Ilge Castelyn - Test center administrator

Ilge is a certified proctor at Pearson and manages the Oslo testing center with Melene Potgieter. She has been with Accelerate since December 2020.

Stian Ingebrigtsen - Success Manager

Stian makes sure all participants in Noroff Accelerates programs get the help and support they need to succeed. Together with Elisabeth Fallon he is responsible for Noroffs Pearson test center in Bergen. Stian has experience in various administrative and customer-facing roles.

Elisabeth Fallon - Success Manager

Elisabeth assists candidates interested in Accelerate's courses and supports course participants. She is also a certified proctor at Pearson and manages the Bergen testing center with Stian Ingebrigtsen. Her background is within the educational sector and administration.

Lars Haukland - Success Manager

Lars works part time as a Success Manager. He is a computer science student interested in all tings programming. Hobbies include training brazilian jiu jitsu and keyboard building.

Gaute Bjerkreim - Success Manager

Gaute works part-time as a Success Manager, helping Accelerate candidates with whatever they need to succeed. He is about to finish his bachelor’s in business law and has previously worked for three years in customer service. He is training with great determination for the Norwegian Powerlifting championship 2023.

Victoria Grimen - Sucess Manager

Victoria works part-time as a Success Manager in Bergen. She is about to finish a bachelor's degree in Frontend and mobile development - and is interested in design, usability and programming. In general, she loves everything to do with technology.