Noroff Accelerate recently became the first Cisco Instructor Training Center (ITC) in Norway. An ITC is a unit managed by certified trainers who are qualified to teach, assess, and certify new instructors. Noroff Accelerate also offers Cisco courses as part of a Cisco Networking Academy and serves as an Academy Support Center (ASC).


Instructor Training Center is a unit managed by certified trainers, who are qualified to teach, assess, and certify new instructors in level of CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CCNA Security.

Academy Support Center provides support to other Cisco academies, stimulates the foundation of new academies, and promotes the participation in training programs. It is currently providing support to five academies.

Academy Support Center

The Cisco NetAcad platform is used by 51 educational institutions in Norway to teach their students the in-demand skills of networking and cyber security. NetAcad has various network, security, IoT and Linux courses that teach students skills using Cisco's curriculum and tools.

As a Cisco Academy Support Center (ASC), Noroff Accelerate plays a crucial role in supporting schools and other educational institutions in Norway that aim to utilize courses offered by the Cisco Networking Academy in their education.

The ASC provides consulting and support for the foundation, organization, and administrative management of academies. In addition, we offer assistance in accessing current information, available tools, and sources, as well as help with promotions of the Cisco Academy program in Norway.

Noroff Accelerate also serves as a link to the ASC community and other academies, providing equipment renting and instructor exchange services. The Center also reports to Cisco on the performance of the academies it supports.

Moreover, we maintain an open line of two-way communication to inform its stakeholders about changes in the NetAcad ecosystem and to listen to and support them in their NetAcad endeavours.

Within NetAcad there are two main types of courses held by educational institutions: online courses at your own pace and physical/online courses with an instructor. For more information on specific courses, click here. Note that some of the courses require accreditation or instructor training to start. This is to facilitate high-quality learning outcomes.

Instructor Training Center

Educational institutions face the constant challenge of ensuring they have skilled and up-to-date instructors who can equip the next generation of IT professionals. To address this challenge, Noroff Accelerate has become the first Cisco Instructor Training Center (ITC) in Norway. An ITC is a part of the Cisco Networking Academy platform, a partnership among educational institutions, industry, government institutions, and non-profit organizations which aims to increase access to education and career opportunities. Providing the qualified experts that the industry demands is an essential part of this goal.

Therefore, every ITC unit is managed by certified trainers who are qualified to teach, assess, and certify new instructors in levels of CCNA, CCNA Security, and CCNP. The certification process involves training instructors in the latest networking and cyber security technologies and helping them to develop effective teaching methodologies. Merete Asak, CTO and Head of Systems Engineering at Cisco Norway, emphasises that “having a Cisco Instructor Training Center is crucial for the development of accredited instructors being able to convey the needed IT skills to students in Norway.”

As an ITC, Noroff Accelerate is committed to training and upskilling both instructors and students of cyber security, an ambition that Rik Bleeker, CSR Manager Europe North Cisco, praises: “Everyone will benefit, both in terms of economic and societal impact, from building the IT workforce of the future.”


Join the Cisco Networking Academy

We encourage Norwegian schools and educational institutions to join Noroff Accelerate in Cisco Networking Academy. We will support the foundation, organization, and administrative management of new academies and assist in understanding and managing resources the NetAcad platforms. Students and teachers can earn Cisco certifications that are highly valued by the ICT industry worldwide, providing them with access to education and career opportunities and contributing to the development of a skilled IT workforce in Norway.

If you’re interested in joining or have any questions about the program, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +47 909 50 256. Our team is ready to help and provide you with all the information you need to get started.