Noroff is a certified Cisco Networking Academy and Academy Support Center:

  • Academy Support Centre (ASC) provides support to other Cisco academies, stimulates the foundation of new academies and promotes the participation in training programs. It is currently providing support to five academies.
  • Cisco Networking Academys organizes courses for the widest spectrum of participants.

Cisco Network Academy represents a partnership among educational institutions, industry, government institutions and non-profit organizations. The purpose of this cooperation is to increase the access to education and career opportunities as well as to provide the adequate number of qualified experts, who are in demand within the ICT industry. Academy Support Centres therefore supports the existing and stimulates the foundation of new academies, specifically at educational institutions in Norway. The foundation of a Cisco Network Academy can improve pedagogical and learning conditions within a school, provide modern knowledge to students and thus improve the basis for their further study or the choice of first employment. The school is granted access to up-to-date learning materials, multimedia learning tools, discounted purchase possibilities of network equipment for practical exercises, the ability to refresh and complement the knowledge of teachers as well as the opportunity for independent organization of courses for different participants. Each academy has a mutual cooperation contract with the selected Academy Support Center and at least two certified Cisco instructors. 

Activities of Academy Support Center (ASC):

  • Consulting and supporting the foundation, organization and administrative management of academies.
  • Help in accessing current information, available tools and sources
  • Organization and management of competitions (NetRiders Slovenija, EMEA NetRiders, Festival of Innovative Technologies)
  • Help with promotions
  • Promotion of Cisco Academy program in Norway
  • Link to the ASC community and other academies
  • Equipment renting and instructor exchange services
  • Reporting to Cisco on performance of the academies


For more information please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.