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Alexander Ross is a lecturer and artist who is currently researching narrative structure, and the nature of cultural loss (PhD candidate). He lectures and tutors visual thinking, stop motion animation, and cinematic narrative for animation and games.

During his experiences within film and television (Edinburgh, London Toronto, Wellington), his roles have included scenic artist, writer, producer, and director, for commercial, fictional and documentary formats. His films have been screened at festivals in Monterrey, Mexico; Valladolid, Spain; Drama, Greece, and Glasgow, Scotland. He is also a trained painter and photographer, who has exhibited within Scotland.

In the short fictional film E=, his role as writer, producer, director offered opportunity to present a visually engaging story of conflict between a draconian education system, and an imaginative way of thinking. E= is loosely based on Einstein’s early education.

In the documentary Zopia, his role as producer, director (a documentary currently in production), highlights an elderly woman’s own account of her endurance, loss and courage; a true story of a young woman’s journey between Siberia and Scotland during the second world war.

Alexander’s teaching and creative practice inform and enrich each other.

Whilst pursuing a doctorate research programme, he intends to continue facilitating his student’s creative development throughout their undergraduate studies.