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Assistant Professor of Cyber Security
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Fabricio Bortoluzzi is an experienced educator of cyber security applied to the hardware/software interface, including operating systems, computer networks and distributed systems. He has a professional background in network security, intrusion detection, pen testing and cloud computing architecting. Fabricio has a Batchelor and  Masters degrees in Computer Science and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. He has supervised several final year research projects on privacy frameworks, blockchains, block ciphers and cloud security.

Research Interests

Prof. Fabricio’s research interests are intrusion detection, virtual private cloud (VPC) security patterns, vulnerability management, penetration tests and vulnerability exploitation. He is also interested in security on minimal operating systems for resource-limited, low-power devices and micro-controllers.


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MELLIES NETO, A. F. ; BORTOLUZZI, F. ; SILVA, E. A. ; ZEFERINO, C. A. Implementation of SIMON Block Cipher to Provide Confidentiality to a Network-on-Chip. Proceedings of the IEEE 33th Symposium on Microelectronics SIM 2018.

GONCALVES, H. W. M. S. ; BORTOLUZZI, F. ; ZEFERINO, C. A. Development of a real-time operating system for a basic microcontroller. In: Brazilian Symposium of Computer Systems and Engineering SBESC, 2013, Niterói. Proceedings..., 2013. p. 1-6.


Prof. Fabricio has performed consultancy on information security policies, vulnerability assessment and pen testing for several cloud-based startups and companies in financial services, factories, commerce and education sectors.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

AWS Academy

Brazilian Computer Society (SBC)

IEEE Computer Society