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Faglærer, 3D design og spillteknologi
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Ann Kristin is educated within game design where she wears a lot of different hats. Her strength lies in Unreal Engine.

Her passion for gaming and computers started in early 90s where she tinkered with both Commodore 64 and the early personal computers such as 286 and the raising of Intel Pentium. Tinkering is still something she loves doing when it comes to technology. It be with a raspberry pie as a steam link system or homemade media center.

Ann Kristin is also a casual gamer. She loves the innovative thinking of indie game developers more than anything else. Roguelike games is her favourites. Everything from the first Rogue released in the 80s to todays action roguelike like Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon and the newly released Streets of Rogue.