Application process

Information about Noroff's application process.

You apply for the programs at Noroff through this site.

Who can apply?

We only accept applicants with a citizenship or a nationality inside EU*, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. Only citizens within these countries will get their applications processed. This apply to all our studies, both online and campus.

*These countries will be accepted:

• EU: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria

• Canada

• New Zealand

• North-Irland

• Norway

• The UK


The last date for international applicants to apply for studies at Noroff is the of April.

With international applicants we mean citizens outside Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

For citizens inside Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden the application deadline is the startup-date for the study. For instance if the startup-date is the of August, you can apply until the of August.

Application is submitted through our application form. You must submit one application per study program you are applying for. You can change the priority order at any time after submitting the application. The applications are processed in the order they are received.

1. If you have nationality from a country outside the accepted countries (see the above-mentioned countries in this site), you need to upload a proof of residence permission/VISA of where you have been living the last six months. You have to upload this proof before we can start proceeding your application.

2. To see what other documentation you need to upload, please see the admission criteria here.

3. Upload all the needed documents in your application after you have submitted the application.

     a. If you have the documentation available in a digital platform, you can take a screenshot and upload it with your pc/mac. Mobile devices are not supported.

     b. If you have the documentation printed out, please take a photo or scan the documentation before you upload it.

4. All education documents and diplomas must be translated to Norwegian or English by a translator, a translation service, an interpreter or an interpreter service. Copies of your original education documents must always be enclosed. You may be asked to submit original documents. 

5. If you already have approved your education from NOKUT, please upload this documentation in your application.

After we have received all the needed documentation and qualified it, we will send you an offer of enrollment. The deadline to answer the offer is 14 days counting from the day we sent it. Please log in to “My page” to answer the offer.

For citizens within Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden the registration fee needs to be paid approximately two-three weeks after you have been given an offer of enrollment. The tuition fee must be paid within approximately four weeks after you have started the study. You will receive the invoices through e-mail.

For citizens outside Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden the deadline for paying both the registration- and tuition fee is the of April.

You can see how much the tuition fee is, by looking at the specific program you want to study here.

For citizens within Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden you only need to pay the registration- and tuition fees to start at one of our studies.

International citizens outside Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden need to pay a living deposit for one year that correspond with the fee UDI decides each year. You can check how much you need to pay for a one year living deposit by searching up your country of living at UDI. The one year living deposit is in addition to the registration- and tuition fees.

This means that if you as an international applicant do live outside the above-mentioned countries, you need to pay:

1. Registration fee

2. Tuition fee for one year

3. Living deposit for one year

The total amount you need to pay vary each year, as the living deposit that UDI decides and our tuition fee changes each year.

You can find the account details for your payment here:

Deposit account for Noroff University College AS:

Account name: Noroff University College AS

Bank name: DNB Bank ASA

IBAN: NO97 1503 6845 950



Deposit account for Noroff Vocational School AS:

Account name: Noroff Vocational School AS:

Bank name: DNB Bank ASA

IBAN: NO57 1506 3821 982



You can read about studying at Noroff in Norway here.

You can apply for VISA through this site.


When you become an active student in August, you need to inform us. And then we will refound the money for the living expenses as well as half of the tuition fee. We will keep the registration fee and the tuition fee for the fall semester.

UDI is the department that process your VISA application, so they need to help you regarding the VISA application if you have any questions about this prosess.

We can make a study confirmation for you if you need. Usually, UDI needs a document stating that you have paid the fees to us as well as you have enough money to live here in Norway, before you apply for VISA.