The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations regulates the education and training sector’s involvement with overseas students studying in Australia on student visas. It does this through the Education Services for Overseas Students legislative framework (ESOS).


First of all, if you intend to apply, please tell us at Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.! That way, we can make sure you get your English certificates, and be of help with the application. As a Noroff student you should put NOROFF as "agent" on the application form.

Which courses are for me?

Below is a summary of the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) articulation options available to Noroff students wishing to enter into Deakin University 24 credit point bachelor degree programs. Deakin has trimesters (like, 3 semesters). Trimester 1 starts in the end of February, Trimester 2 in July. Click the names of the degrees to open the Deakin course description. The description pages have links to the different majors of the grade.

You have completed: 3D Film Production

You have completed: 3D Game Design

You have completed: Film Production 2

You have completed: Graphic Design 2


These flyers outlines the topup courses as they would look from 2020, as Deakin is redesigning their course structures.


It might be a good idea to join the Facebook group From Noroff to Deakin 2+1, where you can meet other applicants and current and former students.

Do I need studiekompetanse to study at Deakin?

It's not a requirement from Deakin. But to get financial funding from Lånekassen, you need to fulfill several requirements. One of this requirements are studiekompetanse. Lånekassen can make exceptions, if you are over 25 years old and have what's called realkompetanse. Please visit Lånekassen's homepage for further information about studying abroad. If you have loan with Lånekassen, and are going to finance your further studies on your own, i.e. without financial support from Lånekassen, remember to inform Lånekassen that you are still a student. If not, your loan will increase due to the interest rate, and you will be asked to pay back.

How about my English skills?

If either of these statements are true, you're safe and good to go:

  • You have a grade 4 or better on your Secondary School Diploma (vitnemål fra videregående skole or equivalent)
    • You have another English test results (IELTS, TOEFL) fulfilling Deakin's requirements and the result will be less than two (2) years old when you start at Deakin.
  • You have a DUELI test result fulfilling Deakin's requirements and the result will be less than nine (9) months old when you start at Deakin. See below for info on DUELI.

Please provide documentation.

If neither of the above statements are true, you'll need to take the DUELI, IELTS- or a computer based TOEFL test. The DUELI test is the easiest way to go, as we can offer this at any Noroff campus, free of charge for our (former) students.
Look up the requirements here:


The DUELI test is a 60 minutes written test where you are supposed to write a text (of approximately 200 words) on a given subject. This test can be taken by all Noroff campuses. Contact your local campus to set a date and time for your test. We recommend that you take this test, as it's free of cost and the result is returned pretty quickly by Deakin.
If you fail, you can train some more on your English, and resit the test.
If you have not yet taken the test by the time you register your application, in your application form, please do state that you intend to sit for a DUELI. If you have taken the DUELI already, state that you have taken it.

Remember that the DUELI test result expires after 9 months, so you must wait until June at least to take it, if you intend to start at Deakin in February the next year.

In some of the DUELI tests you are supposed to write your opinion on something, in others you should discuss (norsk: drøfte). If you don´t know what Drøfte is, google "drøfting" og "drøfte" to find out. In short, it is to discuss a matter with yourself, and show that there are ways to see, understand and interpret "things".

It is important that you do your best at the test, as you are allowed to take ONE test within a 6 months period.

If you take the DUELI English test, we will send this along with your application. We will not send the DUELI-test prior of your application.


You'll find information regarding the IELTS- and TOEFL-tests on the Folkuniversitetet i Oslo homepage, and probably on the ANSA homepage, or Google.

What if I fail on all of the tests?

Deakin offers an English course prior to the ordinary semester start. If you fail the DUELI tests, they will suggest a course for you, based on your result, and give you a combined offer including both the English course and the Award course. You'll find more information on this course at We recommend those who fail - and have some months left prior to the semester start- to read English novels or other books they may like - and practice their written, academic English, and then resit the DUELI test at one of the Noroff campuses if they have the time. You are eligible to take one DUELI test within a 6 months periode, but contact us if you have practised and seriously think you can make it better now.

Question: Can I accept a combined offer, then do a resit (norsk: nytt forsøk) on the DUELI test and - if I pass - skip the English course?

No, not the easy way. When you accept an offer, you get a unique code (Confirmation of Enrollment, CoE) to use when you apply for a visa. If the offer would change, you would need to get an updated offer, accept that and apply for a new visa as well.
We would recommend to either wait with the acceptance until you have done the DUELI resit, or accept the fact that Deakin consider your English skills to a level where you need a few weeks of extra training.

Common mistakes when applying to Lånekassen for financial support

You get your bachelor´s degree from the Deakin University, not from Noroff. You've received your prior education from Noroff, and the University has evaluated Noroff programs to be of such a high standard that 2 year Noroff Diploma graduates can start directly at year three.

So, when applying to Lånekassen, do NOT say that the degree is part of a Norwegian education/degree.


When you apply to Lånekassen, do not choose the option that says something like "utdanningen inngår i en norsk grad".

When can I start my Deakin course?

As Australia is located on the other side of the planet, they also have different seasons than Norway. Deakin has three trimesters (as we have two semesters), with options to start courses for Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 only. Trimester 1 starts early March, and the Trimester 2 starts mid July. Check out Deakin´s trimester dates here.

If you plan to go to Deakin, we recommend that you apply to start in Trimester 1 (early March) the year after you finished your Noroff studies. You will then finish your Deakin course in late October.
However, it is also possible to apply to start in Trimester 2 (i.e. July) and then take Trimester 1 the following year. You will then get the Australian summer vacation in between and have your Deakin course completed the end June. Depending on the course, if you start in Trimester 2 you may be able to enrol in Trimester 3, which starts early November and finishes late February.

If you chose to start in Trimester 1, you should start your application process right before or right after your summer vacation the year before (or even earlier, if you'd prefer). Then you will have plenty of time to get all papers in place, and even be able to get some cheap flight tickets!

If you want to start in Trimester 2, please start thinking about applying before Christmas the year before (your last year at Noroff). If you read this and think: "What? I'm all too late!" - don't panic! Read the rest of this, apply and contact Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. immediately to inform what you applied for. We can do a lot of things quickly.

Remember you have to complete your Noroff courses before you can start at Deakin. If you are missing any exams you need to take them as soon as possible.

How do I apply?

Due to visa regulations, all non-Australians needs to fill in this pdf based application form

No application fee!

Note that you do NOT need to pay the A$55 application fee that the application form is mentioning! I repeat, you do not need to pay the A$55 application fee!

When you're going to find the correct course to apply for, check that you choose on of those that Deakin and Noroff has a 2+1 agreement for. Check the courses above.
On large universities as Deakin, a lot of courses can have pretty similar names, so be sure to use the right code.

Credit for Prior Learning
One of the pages in the application form asks if you want to apply for credit for prior learning. Yes, you do! Check this box! What it means is that they will look at your Noroff certificates and see if you fullfill the requirements in the Deakin-Noroff agreement (as you probably know as 2+1).

Attached documenation and send
Attach your documenation (Noroff certificate (English version), videregående vitnemål (if you got one. Send both a scan of the original Norwegian version AND the English version. Ask your vgs to send you an English version) etc, and send it to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.. We will then look through the application and attachments, and if it is OK, send it to Deakin.
(If you sit for a DUELI English test, we will send this along with your application.)

NOTE! When you leave for Australia, you will need to bring along your original certificates / vitnemål, to show Deakin.

Please update your personal details under Mine sider on this page.

How do I fill in the Acceptance form

When you get an Unconditional Offer from Deakin, you need to accept the offer. This is done by filling out and returning a pdf document containing the Acceptance Form. The offer email has this attached, or provides a link to it.

Here´s a DEMO of a filled in Acceptance form.
If this demo differs from the acceptance form you receive, please do send me the acceptance form you received from Deakin, and I will update the demo accordingly.

Conditions on your offer?

If your offer has any conditions, for instance a English language requirement, you must first fulfill the condition before accepting the offer!


Norwegian students DO NOT need to pay the full first trimester tuition fee in order to receive your CoE letter. They only need to pay a $500 AUD deposit of the tuition fee.
It is because Lanekassen does not provide funds until students have the CoE. So you only have to pay the $500 deposit now and pay the balance later (you can do this when you are in Australia).

What about the DUELI fee?

If you are going to take a DUELI (English course) up front, there is a separate fee for that, stated in the offer letter. You have to pay for the whole DUELI course when accepting. Also, keep in mind that Lånekassen does ot support English preparation courses, so you have to save some money for this one.

How to pay the deposit? provides information on this, and a link to the online payment portal.
When you have payed, take a screenshot of the receipt (or print the receipt page), to include this with the acceptance form.

Return the Acceptance Form to Deakin by using the address information given on the form. (Please put Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. in the cc-field of the email, so that we have an overview of the process and can be of better help.)

PS! You can not apply to Lånekassen or for visa until you got a full Offer (unconditional), and have accepted it.

How do I apply for a place to live?

To live on campus is called "on campus residence".
You can apply online at any time to live on campus, and housing can be assigned as soon as you receive your COE.

Remember, on-campus places are limited
We encourage you to apply for housing as soon as possible, but not before receiving your COE (Confirmation of Enrollment).

For more about on-campus housing opportunities, including how to submit an application, please visit the Deakin website for accomodation
You will find valuable information for future students here:

One student that applied for on-campus residence told that the payment system for residence didn´t accepted Scandinavian letters like æ, ø, å, ö, ä. You could use "Aa" for "Å" and "OE" for "Ø" and "AE" for Æ.

You may check out the tip from some of our former students, ask them in the facebook group.

If you intend to apply for either airport pickup, temporary accommodation or both, start here:

Who can help getting my kid(s) into kindergarten?

You can contact the International Student Advisors:

Where do I find information regarding the costs of living and studying in Australia?

On you'll find a lot of information on getting to Australia.

Yet another page, which our students recommend, is this one:

Where do I get my student visa?

Note that you will need your Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) to apply for a visa. You need to accept your offer and fullfill all conditions to get the eCoE.
Norway is an Assessment Level 1 country (least restrictive) and all Norwegians visa applications are assessed as such. The visa Subclass that you will be applying for is "subclass 500". It is easy to find, as you can filter the list of visa types. The more you filter, the less choices you get.

There is a cost for getting a visa. By Nov 2015 it was about 550 AUD. (Google "550 AUD in NOK" to get today´s price in Norwegian kroner.)

First, you get some information about your visa type. The tab "Applying" provides a link to the online visa application.

Do I need to have complete Noroff certificates (completed your studies) before starting at the university?

Yes, you do. You can apply, but you'll require your Noroff certificates when you arrive and enrol at Deakin.

Who can I contact if I have questions I'd like answers to BEFORE sending my application?

For general enquiries and course information (not applications): Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.
You should first check with your Noroff agent at Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den., to see if they can answer your question, which they probably can, as they are familiar with the advanced standings agreements.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my application?

You should first contact your Noroff agent, Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den., to see if they can help.

If it's a pure Deakin matter, you can contact Deakin International Admissions Office, Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den..

How long will it take to get an answer?

For the followings course application categories, Deakin are working toward turnaround times of:

  • DUELI (English language) – 2 days following submission of complete application
  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate – 2 to 3 weeks following submission of complete application
  • Deakin Higher Degrees by Research – 6 weeks following submission of complete application

There are a lot of practical questions related to further studies at a university. This page gives the most important information needed to apply.

Noroff's International Study Advisor can be reached by email, phone, snail mail or at our Kristiansand campus.

Matthew Kasztan
Elvegata 2A
4608 Kristiansand S
38 00 00 00