This page is for Noroff students planning to study further at AFDA. This is NOT the official AFDA Film School South Africa's homepage. If you don't have a Noroff degree already, or are in the middle og taking one, you are probably looking for the AFDA homepage.
  1. Register
    If you are planning to apply, please send an email to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. where you say so, and tell what year you wish to start. Then we can provide better support for you. THIS EMAIL IS A NOROFF EMAIL, AND YOU CAN USE NORWEGIAN. IT´S FOR NOROFF TO KNOW YOU´RE PLANNING TO GO ABROAD.
  2. When should I apply?
    Especially for the Noroff students, the end of November is the latest. AFDA would prefer that you all apply before the end of October though.
    The academic year starts in the beginning of February.
  3. Currency
    The currency used in South-Africa is South African Rands, currency code ZAR. It's written as an R before the amount, like this: R10000.
    To easily compare amounts in your prefered currency, please use Google. Example: Type in 52000 ZAR in NOK in the search field to find how much R5200 is in Norwegian kroner.
  4. Do I need studiekompetanse (secondary education / videregående skole / realkompetanse) to study at AFDA?
    Yes, you do.
    Both AFDA and Lånekassen require this. Please visit Lånekassen's homepage for further information about studying abroad. If you have loan in Lånekassen, and are going to finance your further studies on your own, i.e without financial support from Lånekassen, remember to inform Lånekassen that you still is a student. if not, your loan will increase due to the interest rate, and you will be asked to pay back.
  5. How about my English skills?
    They will be considered based on your secondary school diploma (videregående vitnemål) or your skills being shown in the application papers, as they require you to use your English skills.
  6. Accomodation
    AFDA does not have accomodations, but there are lots of places to live nearby. Take a look at this pdf for lots of links and contact info regarding accomodation.
  7. Common mistakes when applying to Lånekassen for financial support
    When you apply to Lånekassen, do not choose the option that says something like "utdanningen inngår i en norsk grad".

    You get your degree from the University, not from Noroff. You've received your prior education from Noroff, and the University has evaluated Noroff programs to be of such a high standard that the 2 year Noroff Diploma graduates can start directly at year three.

    So, when applying to Lånekassen, do NOT say that the degree is part of a Norwegian education/degree.
  8. Will Noroff provide me with an English certificate?
    Yes, if you let us know that you are going to AFDA, will we send you the English certificate along with your Norwegian one. (See pt 1)

AFDA is a private tertiary institution which offers degree programmes that are fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), certificate number 2001/HE07/012, and registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). We are also the only South African institution who is a full member of CILECT - International Association of Film and Television Schools.

The full undergraduate degree comprises of three years of full time studies with the fourth post grad year (Honours) comprising of one year of full-time studies and is dependent on the student obtaining successful results. We also currently offer a two year part-time Master of Fine Arts (MFA) course.

To be provisionally accepted into any year of the Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium at AFDA Cape Town you would need to supply us with the relevant documents as per the requirements listed below. Applications can only be handed over to the relevant Departments for assessment once all supporting documentation has been received.

If you would like to apply for your place in the class, AFDA urges you to complete the application form and send it to us for processing as soon as possible.

Due to AFDA’s High Standard and Level of Training for Film, we would not want to place RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) Students unsuitably.

RPL’s are required to provide a letter of motivation, reflecting on your academic and practical knowledge of Motion Picture Medium and the particular disciplines you have chosen, as well as any other material that may support your application, according to the Discipline specific requirements.

Important dates:
Our academic year 2011 begins 1st of February in Cape Town. For all students entering AFDA for the first time into a level other than first year, classes (bridging) will start one week earlier than the rest.
The enrolment window will be from the 13th of January to the 29th of January. Bridging course will start one week earlier.


AFDA want to make the application process as simple as possible for you. Instead of require that you have tons of papers ready upon applying, they will ask if they miss any information.

Please complete the application form as soon as possible.The application form is easy accessible on the AFDA web page, Applications will be processed once ALL supporting documentation and portfolios have been received.

There is two campuses at AFDA; Cate Town and Johannesburg. You can apply for any of the two campuses ; however Cape Town might be the better option for international students for many reasons. It's also where the majority of AFDA's international students go. Cape Town also has an international tourist reputation, not so much like Johannesburg If you do want to apply to both campuses, you would need to send an application to each campus.

You will be contacted and ask to send the documents/files listed here:

Briefly, this is what they will ask of all applicants:

  • Application form
  • Academic transcripts from Noroff
  • Two reference letters
  • Motivation letter
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Showreel

Production design, costume makeup and styling, visual effects and animation must also include:

  • Portfolio of work

Directing and scripting:

  • Narrative script
  • It will be beneficial if you include a treatment if you have done one.

All the other disciplines need to send a showreel as well with the work they have done.

There are a lot of practical questions related to further studies at a university. This page gives the most important information needed to apply.

Noroff's International Study Advisor can be reached by email, phone, snail mail or at our Kristiansand campus.

Matthew Kasztan
Elvegata 2A
4608 Kristiansand S
38 00 00 00