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Foreleser, Noroff Accelerate
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Dewald Els currently lectures at the Accelerate courses based in Oslo.

He obtained his qualification at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa majoring in Microsoft Technologies focussing on C# and SQL Server, after a failed music career as a “Rockstar”.

With the help of 2 university friends, they formed a group which went on to win the Microsoft Imagine Cup national finals in 2013 for Game Development.

His career started with a bang at the largest internet service provider in South Africa working with technologies like PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Here started the beginning of a love-hate relationship with JavaScript.

Dewald has published an educational book on Responsive web design with Packt Publishing UK.

Dewald recently worked on a Web-Based Point of Sale system, Afribus, being installed exclusively in Zambia that will revolutionise the bus sales industry in the region. The solution is built on JavaScript with Angular and Microsoft ASP as backend.

The combination of the belief that the web will soon rule the programming world and enthusiasm to be a better programmer has led to Dewald become proficient in modern JavaScript, focussing on libraries like Vue, React and Angular. The ever-changing front end world is a treacherous maze if a fundamental understanding of JavaScript and modern ES6 is not first achieved. An emphasis on Cross-platform mobile development is his speciality. Using Ionic Framework as a basis to write multiple published applications using technologies that include RFID scanning, GPS tracking, Barcode scanning and custom printing module using Cordova. Dewald also has a basic working knowledge of Java for Android. Working on a complex access control application with world renown Chinese vendor Chainway.