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Høyskolelektor, Applied Data Science
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Dr Angesh Anupam is a data scientist with experience of working in multidisciplinary research environments. He has established his data science and signal processing skills while working on a number of engineering and sustainability themed projects. He was awarded the Grantham Scholarship in 2014 for carrying out his doctoral research in the University of Sheffield UK. He has delivered research talks on several international platforms including UNFCCC COP 22 Morocco, Denmark Technical University, Indian Statistical Institute, Sheffield Sustainability Symposium, UKACC etc. In addition to these research activities, Dr Anupam has taught courses related to data science, computing and control systems engineering at undergraduate level.


Data driven modelling of nonlinear dynamical systems
Time series modelling and forecasting
Big data analysis


Anupam, A., Wilton, D.J., Anderson, S.R. and Kadirkamanathan, V., 2018, September. A Data-Driven Framework for Identifying Tropical Wetland Model. In 2018 UKACC 12th International Conference on Control (CONTROL) (pp. 242-247). IEEE.


Member of The Operational Research (OR) Society
Member of the IEEE