Noroff Vocational School in Stavanger was lucky enough to host a workshop with type and visual designer Sun Helen Isdahl Kalvenes.

The workshop was held during her visit to Stavanger in February.

Works in San Francisco

Sun Helen Isdahl Kalvenes is a Norwegian type and visual designer currently living in San Francisco. After finishing her bachelor education in visual communication at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts school of Design in Copenhagen, she moved to the Hague in the Netherlands to pursue her love of letters at the type and media MA course at KABK.

She has worked with design in both Germany, Denmark and Stavanger, and currently resides in San Francisco where she works freelance on font related projects.

The workshop started with an introduction and basics of typography. Then our students and other participants got to try out different drawing and sketching exercises in typography.

Photos from the workshop













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All photos: Alessandro Marchi