Helene Harmens (29) opened up a lot of new career doors after learning Java web development. Now she is working as a full stack developer.

The course gave me the knowledge and tools to start working as a full stack developer. It gave me a great foundation and the possibility to work with so many different programming languages and technologies in the future.

Harmens worked four years with visual effects and film before deciding to learn more about programming. Through the Experis Academy she attended the Java full stack developer-course by Noroff Accelerate. Previously she had completed a bachelor’s degree in IT with specialization in 3D graphics and a master’s degree in Digital Effects (VFX).

– I wanted to attend this program because I had previously learned some java during my bachelor’s degree, and java has the advantage of being wide-spread and multi-platform, she said.

– How was the learning experience?

– It was great! We started with the basics and went quickly up from there. It was a very hands-on approach to learning, basically a lot of programming! We all learned a lot in that short amount of time. The lectures and teachers were all great too, I really had a great time, said Harmens.

– We got feedback at least once every week on the tasks we had done, and the lecturers were available for feedback and guidance throughout the course.

– What was the most useful things you learned?

– It’s difficult to say, because there was a lot of things! Properly learning and understanding how front- and backend works together, and how to do both in the same project, was really interesting. That’s great to know even if you’re working with only backend or frontend, she said.

After finishing the course, she worked a year at Vipps (a mobile payment app) and now she is working at one of Norway’s biggest banks, SpareBank 1. What the future brings is unknown, but Helene is clear that her newly acquired Java-skills have opened a lot of doors for her.

– I really recommend it. It was educational, fun, and have given me so many possibilities!